Tihara Smith - Collection of Valentine's Day Cards

At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

Celebrated every year on the 14th February, Valentine’s Day is a day when people show their love and affection to the loved one’s in their life. Although usually focused on romantic love, Valentine’s Day can also be a day to celebrate other loves in your life. From valued friendships, family members and not forgetting yourself! 

One way people show their love and affection is through gifts, like chocolates, flowers or jewellery. But there are also other ways we can show our love and affection, like planning a fun activity to do together or cooking their favourite meal.

This year, you may not be able to spend time with your loved one’s as usual, but you can still send them your love through the post with a handwritten message - and that’s where my new Valentine’s Day cards come in!

Image of Valentine's Day cards spread out on a white table

I’m super excited to share my first collection of Valentine’s Day cards! Spread the love with these tropical inspired range of cards. All the cards in the collection are left blank so you can fill them with your own love notes. Write a love letter letting them know how much they mean to you, or write a list of reasons you love them or even get your Shakespeare on and write them a beautiful poem. After filling your Valentine’s Day card with your heartfelt words, just pop it in the post so that they can still feel the love, even if distance separates you.