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Celebrating Windrush Day

A list of Windrush Day activities & events...

What is Windrush Day?

Windrush Day is an annual celebration in the UK on 22nd June. The day marks the anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks in 1948 that carried almost more than 800 passengers from the Caribbean.

Why do we Celebrate Windrush Day?

Windrush Day is an opportunity to remember, honour and celebrate the contributions of the Windrush Generation. These individuals made significant contributions to British society including in politics, music, sport, art and healthcare. The Windrush Generation paved the way for future generations of Black British Caribbeans, who have continue to make significant contributions to British society.

How to celebrate Windrush Day

There are many ways to celebrate Windrush Day, both on the day itself and throughout the year. Here are some ideas:

Attend a community event

There are many community events taking place across the UK on Windrush Day and throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity to learn more about the contributions of the Windrush Generation and to celebrate their legacy in your local community. Community events may include music, dance, food, and other cultural activities. Check with your local council, schools and libraries to find out what events are happening near you. If you can't find an event, why not join with others in your community to organise one yourself! 

Visit a museum, exhibition or archive

Many museums across the UK create exhibits related to the Windrush Generation to celebrate Windrush Day. These exhibits provide an opportunity to learn more about the history of the Windrush Generation and to see objects related to their experiences. There are also a few archives, including the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, that you can visit in person or explore online.

Take part in educational activities

Some schools, universities and other educational institutions may organise activities and events to commemorate Windrush Day. These activities may include workshops, lectures, seminars and discussions. Participating in educational activities is a great way to learn more about the contributions of the Windrush Generation and to engage with others.

Support Windrush-related campaigns and causes

There are campaigns and causes related to the Windrush Generation that you can support throughout the year, not just on Windrush Day. For example, you can support organisations that provide legal and other support to members of the Windrush Generation who were affected by the Windrush scandal a few years ago.

Go to a Caribbean Restaurant

Support a Black-owned Caribbean restaurant and enjoy Caribbean food to celebrate Windrush Day with the flavours that the Windrush Generation brought to the UK. See our list of Caribbean restaurants in the UK to find one near you!

Windrush Day Activities and Events

See below for a list of activities and events taking place across the UK to celebrate Windrush Day in 2024. This list is updated regularly, so please check back often for new events.

Raffia Embroidery Workshop

Hotel Elephant St Johns, Larcom Street, London, SE17 1NQ

Saturday 22nd June

Tihara Smith has partnered with Hotel Elephant to deliver a free embroidery workshop for young people aged 16-21! With support from Southwark Council’s Windrush 75 Commemoration Fund, there are 10 free spaces for this workshop.

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National Maritime Museum

Romney Rd, London SE10 9NF

Various dates 2024, TBC

The National Maritime Museum partners with the Caribbean Social Forum to showcase Caribbean culture and the legacy of the Windrush generation in the UK today in celebration of Windrush Day.

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Black Culture Market 

Brixton, London SW9 8FR

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June

An indoor market showcasing a curated selection of Black businesses, look out for their event celebrating Windrush Day.

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Culture Weekend x Windrush Festival 76 

Burgess Park, London SE5

22nd & 23 June 2024

A family-friendly festival celebrating 76 years of Windrush migration & its generations for Windrush Day 2024.

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Windrush Festival 76 2024

Avenham & Miller Parks, Preston PR1 8JP

23 June 2024

The Windrush 76 Festival aims to inspire greater awareness and appreciation for the Windrush generation. Delight in the Caribbean cuisine and the vibrant performances by singers and dancers in celebration of Windrush Day.

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Windrush 76th Year: Leaders’ Inspiring Progress

Online Webinar

18 June 2024

Hear the stories of senior leaders, descended from the Windrush Generation, who have progressed to the top table of key industries in the UK, featuring Richard Iferenta, Partner and Vice-Chair, KPMG and Chair, BITC’s Race Equality Leadership Team and Sandra Kerr CBE, Race Equality Director, Business in the Community.

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Black Farmer's Market Windrush Wellness Festival

Myatt's Field Park, London SE5

22nd June 2024

A wellness festival to celebrate Windrush Day. Shop from local Black-owned businesses, enjoy Caribbean street food, join physical workshops and take part in art activities at this event.

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We are keen to share more activities and events happening in 2024 to celebrate Windrush 76. Contact us or email if you know of an event that should be listed here. Thank you!

Blog post image by photographer Kayleigh Pace

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