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Day 21

Day 21

Take a Winter Walk!

It’s Day 21 of the Tropical Christmas Advent Calendar, we’re getting so close to Christmas Day! Today I’m sharing with you a Christmas activity to get you in the mood for Christmas - taking a winter walk. Although winter is the coldest season in the UK, it’s one of the best times to take walks for the fresh crisp air, frosty landscapes and to see the Christmas lights and decorations. You can take a walk with your household for a fun group activity, or go alone to clear your mind.

If you are lucky enough to live in or near the British countryside, why not take a winter walk in your local area to see the beautiful winter landscapes or to see the Christmas lights and decorations put up by your neighbours or in the town centre. If you have a dog you can take them with you, and why not prepare your favourite hot drink in a flask to take with you to keep you warm.

If you live a big city, why not take the opportunity to see the Christmas lights and large Christmas trees in your city centre. You could go to your favourite cafe or coffee shop to treat yourself a nice warm drink, like a hot chocolate.


I’m based in South London, and often enjoy taking walks with my mum throughout the year. Here are some of my favourite areas of London to go for a lovely winter walk.


As I live in South London, I love taking a walk on the Southbank of the River Thames. You can enjoy amazing views of London’s landscapes like the London Eye and Big Ben. I usually start my walk by the Southbank Centre, walking down past the National Theatre and OXO Tower. I then go across Blackfriars Bridge taking me past the Tate Modern and Globe Theatre and onwards towards London Bridge.

Covent Garden

From South London, I walk over Waterloo or Embankment Bridge to take me to the Covent Garden area. Covent Garden is a great area for shopping, and at Christmas time they also put up their big lit-up Christmas tree. You can also walk to the neighbouring Seven Dials area for some more shopping!

Image of large Christmas tree in Covent Garden, London.


Oxford Street

If you want to see iconic London Christmas lights, Oxford Street and Regent Street are the places to go! Every year they light up Central London with Christmas lights along the street. You can also walk past the big department stores like Selfridges, John Lewis and Liberty to see their Christmas window display. Take a detour off Oxford Street and Regents Street to Carnaby Street for more Christmas lights and shopping.

London Parks

There are so many lovely green spaces in London to explore. Some of my favourites include Dulwich Park, Battersea Park and Regents Park. Why not escape the busy city streets and take a daytime walk through your local park to see some beautiful frosty landscapes in the city.

The City

Another one of my favourite places to walk is the City of London - especially on the weekends when it’s particularly quiet. See some of the best of London’s skyscrapers along Bishopsgate, at take a detour through Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane. Or, you would walk by St Paul’s Cathedral, London’s ‘original skyscraper’ as it was the tallest building in London from 1710 to 1965.


There are plenty of great benefits of taking regular walks, and it’s really easy to add to your daily routine. It’s an activity that’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels, plus it’s something you can do with family, friends or by yourself. You can also use walking as part of your mindfulness practice, mindful walking each day is a great way to improve your mood.

  1. Walking helps give you an energy boost. Walking is said to give an energy boost as it increases blood circulation. This can help get more oxygen and nutrients to your brain and muscles which helps you feel more alert and better able to focus.
  2. Improves your mood and reduces stress. Brisk walking increases the production of endorphins - a stress reducing and feel-good hormone. Walking outside can also help calm your mind, especially when walking in nature. You can also boost the benefits of walking by using your walk as part of your mindfulness practice with apps like Calm and Headspace.
  3. Discover new places in your local area. When talking a leisurely walk, you can often come across new place in your local area that you never noticed before like hidden green space and small local businesses.
  4. Promotes better sleep. Brisk walking helps boosts the effect of sleep hormones like melatonin, this makes it easier to fall asleep at the end of the day.
  5. Can count towards your daily exercise. Brisk walking can count towards your daily exercise. A brisk walk is one that increases your breathing speed and heart rate

I hope you’ve been inspired to take a winter walk this Christmas season, and I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow for Day 22 of the Tropical Christmas Advent Calendar!

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