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The Thriving Box Company contents including the Tihara Smith Treat Yo'self card and 'You Called, We Came' pin.

Tihara Smith in the The Thriving Box Company Momentum Box!

Tihara Smith is in The Thriving Box Company Momentum Box…

A selection of greeting cards and enamel pins from the collection are part of The Thriving Box Company’s Momentum Box - a gift box filled with products from black-owned businesses!


The Thriving Box Company was founded in April 2020 by Robbie Allen to support local businesses in Edinburgh and Scotland in reaction to the global pandemic. They offer gift boxes & corporate care packages filled with a range of products from small, local and independent businesses including artisan food, drink, skincare and lifestyle products.

These gift boxes help local businesses to not only survive but to thrive during an uncertain and challenging time by connecting people with their products. This not only helps the small, local and independent businesses to grow and sustain their company, but it also offers the British public the chance to discover new amazing products!

As well as businesses struggling through this time, it has also been challenging for individuals. Whether it’s job uncertainty, being unable to see loved ones or feeling lonely, the pandemic has affected us all. The gift boxes and care packages from The Thriving Box Company give people the opportunity to send thoughtful gifts directly to their friends and families to help cheer them up or purchase a box as a treat for themselves!


Thriving Box Company Momentum Box

In July, The Thriving Box Company launched The Momentum Box. The idea was to curate a gift box filled with a variety of high-quality products from black-owned businesses. The products included in the box range from food, drink, skincare, and lifestyle products. By creating this gift box, The Thriving Box Company help to highlight and support black businesses, connecting them to new customers all around the UK. On top of this, for each sale of a Momentum Box, £1 is donated to Black Lives Matter.

Find out more about the Momentum Box on The Thriving Box Company blog.


Along with products other amazing businesses, a selection of greeting cards and enamel pins from my shop are available in the Momentum Box!


The Momentum Box is filled with a range of products from different black-owned businesses. One of the great things about the Momentum Box is that you don’t know what you could find in your box meaning that you are able to discover new products and brands that you might not have otherwise tried. See below for some of the other black-owned businesses you could find in your Momentum Box:

Rafiki Coffee
A Scottish based company supplying high-quality Rwandan speciality coffee to the UK.

Lucocoa Chocolate
A bean to bar chocolate company producing chocolate bars made without refined sugar, using unrefined coconut sugar and lucuma, a fruit from Peru.

Arike Organics
An artisan skincare and haircare brand that focuses on sourcing fine organic ingredients.

Bruler Candles
A London based company creating handmade 100% soy wax candles with beautiful fragrances.


If you’re interested in purchasing a Momentum Box or any other gift box from The Thriving Box Company, they are all available from The Thriving Box Company website. As well as individual boxes available to purchase as a treat for your loved ones or for yourself, they also offer bespoke corporate boxes to allow businesses to send care packages to their employees or clients. You can also follow and support The Thriving Box Company on Instagram!

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