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Image of birthday special scene with a cake with colourful beeswax candles, a personalised drawstring bag, colourful balloons, greeting cards and confetti all on a white table in front of a pink wall.

How To Make A Birthday Special

A list of simple, fun & affordable ideas to celebrate a birthday...

Each month brings another set of birthdays, whether it's a member of your family, a friend, partner or a co-worker it's always nice to have an excuse to make a fuss and celebrate someone special to you!

Now, more than ever, it's so important to celebrate our loved ones. Although at the moment, it can prove to be a little more tricky with possible limitations on budget, birthday venue options and just not feeling comfortable going to places with large groups of people.  

So, I decided to put together a list of simple, fun and affordable ideas (including at home birthday ideas) to help you celebrate and still make a birthday special 🥳

List of Ideas to Make A Birthday Special

Have a look at this list of ideas to make a birthday special for your loved ones. It includes ideas for things you can do at home, and a lot of great affordable options that they'll remember for years to come.

Put Up Birthday Decorations

Make them feel special by decorating their space with birthday decorations, whether at home or where they work.

If you live with the birthday person, you could get up a little earlier than them and decorate the living room with balloons and a banner. Or even decorate the dining table with confetti, balloons and a special birthday breakfast!

For celebrating someone you work with, you could get into the office a bit earlier than them to decorate their desk with a few balloons, confetti and gifts so they feel special as soon as they walk in. Just be sure to check with any managers that it's okay to do this!

If you're looking for birthday decoration table ideas, have a look at our personalised Birthday Bag. A simple birthday solution to create a simple yet colourful addition to make the birthday person feel special.

The Birthday Bag is also a great option if you can't be together in person on their birthday. Simply create and personalise their bag with their name and a birthday card message, then we'll send it directly to them in a box that fits through the letter box to make their birthday special, even if you can't be together!

Plan a birthday dinner

Make them feel special with a birthday dinner. You could book a table at their favourite restaurant, or why not take them somewhere new that you think they'll love or that they've always wanted to try. 

If you're looking for a great Caribbean restaurant to try, check out this list of Caribbean restaurants in the UK.

For a dinner at home, you could cook them their favourite meal - or even cook together if it's something they like to do - it's a great way to make new birthday memories. Have a look at our Caribbean inspired recipes if you're stuck for ideas.

Of course, you could also order in their favourite takeaway for dinner from a local restaurant.

Give a Birthday Card with A Special Message

Keep it super simple with a birthday card you picked out especially for them, and write a heartfelt message to let them know just how much you appreciate them on their birthday. 

I'm a big fan of traditional snail mail because I love receiving surprise letters or parcels in the post myself! So why not post a card to them for a lovely surprise. 

If you're looking for a special Caribbean or tropical inspired birthday card to send them a little sunshine on their birthday, check out some of the favourites:

Have Birthday Cake

No birthday celebration is complete without making a wish and blowing out the candles on a delicious birthday cake!

Image of a birthday special cake with colourful beeswax candles on a cake stand.

Whatever you do to celebrate, be sure to buy or bake them their favourite birthday cake and top it with beautiful candles as the perfect finishing touch. 

If you want to add a pop of colour to a birthday cake, check out these beeswax birthday candles thoughtfully handmade in Brighton. Not only are they hand dipped in a beautiful array of sunset colours, they also are a more natural and eco-friendly birthday candle option containing no plastic in the candles or packaging. 

A Birthday BBQ or Picnic

If you have someone's birthday coming up in the Spring or Summer months, you could plan a BBQ or picnic to make their birthday special ☀️

Prepare a selection of delicious foods and either fire up the BBQ, or create a beautiful picnic set up in your garden or the local park.

A summer BBQ or picnic is also the perfect excuse to make tasty summer rum cocktails, like rum punch or the one's listed in this Caribbean rum cocktails post

Image of rum punch in a pineapple shapes cup

The great thing about a BBQ or picnic is that it can easily be an all day event and can be a large or intimate as you choose. Start at lunch by preparing all the food, and carry the celebrations through to the evening with great music and fairy lights. 

If the weather does fail you (you aways need a plan B when planning something outdoors in the UK!), you could always create an indoor picnic. Lay out a picnic blanket in your living room, and enjoy the food and good vibes from indoors.

Plan a movie or game night

Watch a great movie, or play a favourite video game or board games for the night to celebrate their birthday. Be sure to have some delicious finger food, that you either made or ordered in and some great drinks to make sure everyone has a fun night. 

If you can't be with the birthday person, you could still plan an online movie night using Teleparty or Amazon Prime Watch Party. It's a creative way to do something you would usually do if you were together in person.

I hope you found some simple, fun and affordable ways to celebrate and help make any upcoming birthdays special!

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