The Windrush Collection - Photoshoot


Almost a year ago, I photographed my Pre-Collection in collaboration with Speos Photography School (see these photographs on my Instagram). So I was extremely excited to work with them again to photograph my complete Graduate Collection.

Paired with the talented photographer Kayleigh Pace, we brought ‘The Windrush Collection’ to life!

Inspiration from photographers Al Vandenberg, Neil Kenlock and Raphael Albert

Inspiration from photographers Al Vandenberg, Neil Kenlock and Raphael Albert

Inspired by the vibrant colours in the collection, the garments were photographed on bright coloured backdrops in the studio, where the details of the intricate embroidery and textiles can be seen clearly, as well as bold coloured textured backdrops found on the side streets and estates of Camberwell, London.

Also taking inspiration from photographs of the Windrush Generation by photographers such as Neil Kenlock and Al Vandenberg, the bright colours of the collection are set against a South London backdrop - indicative of the Windrush Generation, who since the arrival of the SS Windrush in 1948, have brought the Caribbean sunshine to the UK with their music, style and rich culture.

It was also very important to me to capture the natural beauty of the models by using only light makeup, and keeping their hair in natural hair styles - a nod to the ‘Black Is Beautiful’ and ‘Black Panther’ movement in the 1960s and 70s.

A huge thank you to the amazing models Jada, Ruby and Marcelle, as well as makeup artist Rosana. An extra special thank you to the talented photographer Kayleigh, and Juliana at Speos Photography School for collaborating with me.

Check them all out below:

Models: @rubyefia_ @marcelleemendess @waveyjadey
MUA: @rosanasmua
Photographer: @kayleigh_pace